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Janseva Yojna has completely disrupted not only how people shop, anywhere anyhow, but also the supply chain and distribution of goods. Brands and businesses are empowered in a way never before possible, most noticeably by cutting the middle men and selling directly to consumers. By adopting a direct to consumer strategy, businesses gain a stronger presence in both online and offline markets.

  1. Direct to consumer is the best way for brands to build a strong relationship with customers that is the reason why Janseva Yojana is for your service
  2. Janseva Yojana is at your service to get you the items you want at affordable rates.
  3. If you need an item you can let us know. We will make it available to you at very affordable rates.

Janseva yojna Mission:

To provide fast, free, reliable, and comprehensive information to our users and enable discovery and transactions for all products and services.

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Facilities will be provided all over India

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